New Professors (Last 1.5 Years)

Jul. 1, 2020

Kudo, Yasusei / Professor   [Detail]
Portrait Tokushima University > Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences > 歯学域 > Oral Science > Basic Dentistry > Department of Oral Bioscience >
Sex: Male Year of Birth: 1971 A.D.
Phone: +81 - 88 - 633 - 7327 E-mail:  y a s u s e i (@) t o k u s h i m a - u . a c . j p 
Academic Degree: PhD. Field of Study: Oral Pathology
His Lecture: Basic Practice of Oral Health Science (Bachelor Course), Oral Molecular Pathology (Graduate School), Oral Molecular Pathology Seminar (Graduate School), Leading seminar on practical oral science (Graduate School), Outline of Dental Science (Bachelor Course), Biochemistry (Bachelor Course), Biochemistry (Bachelor Course), Basic Practice of Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology (Bachelor Course), Practice in Physiology (Bachelor Course), Pathology (Bachelor Course), Pathology (Bachelor Course), Oral Pathology (Bachelor Course), Pathology・Oral Pathology (Bachelor Course), Pharmacology (Bachelor Course), Pharmacology A/B (Bachelor Course), Pharmacology C/D (Bachelor Course), Experiment and practical exercise in intractable therapeufic regulation for oral tumors (Graduate School)
Subject of Study: (Oral Cancer, Head and neck cancer, cell cycle, ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis, invasion and metastasis)