New Professors (Last 1.5 Years)

Oct. 1, 2018

Hayabuchi, Yasunobu / Designated Professor   [Detail]
Portrait Tokushima University > University Hospital > Central Clinical Facilities > Department of Pediatrics and Community Medicine >
Tokushima University > University Hospital > Clinical Division > Department of Pediatrics,Obstetrics and Gynecology > Pediatrics >
Sex: Male Year of Birth: 1964 A.D.
Phone: +81 - 88 - 633 - 7135 E-mail:  h a y a b u c h i (@) t o k u s h i m a - u . a c . j p 
Academic Degree: Doctor of Philosopjy, Medical Doctor Field of Study: 小児循環器病学, 先天性心疾患・心不全患者における心機能解析, 血管平滑筋細胞の収縮拡張および増殖にかかわる制御, MDCTを用いた先天性心疾患の病態評価, 心エコー検査による小児 心疾患症例の心機能評価
His Lecture: 周産期・小児・女性生殖器コース (Bachelor Course), 循環器コース(3年) (Bachelor Course)
Subject of Study: Pediatric Cardiology, Assessment of cardiac functionn in patients with congenital heart disease, Regulation of vascular smooth muscle cells, Morphological and functional assessment of congenital heart disease using MDCT, Assessment of cardiac function evaluated using echocardiography in children with heart disease