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Educational Activity

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Field of Study

Nutrition, Physiology, Bacterial Infectious Diseases

Lecture (2021)

SIH(Strike while the Iron is Hot) Training (Common Curriculum)
Experiments in Preventive Environment and Nutrition (Graduate School)
Public Health (Bachelor Course)
Public health exercise (Bachelor Course)
Medical Nutrition (Graduate School)
Medical Nutrition (Graduate School)
Introductory Exercises in International Food Safety (Graduate School)
Space Nutrition/Medicine (Graduate School)
Microbiology (Bachelor Course)
Microbiology Exercise (Bachelor Course)
Nutrition and Microbial infection (Graduate School)
Nutrition Counseling (Bachelor Course)
Nutrition Education 1 (Bachelor Course)
Practice in Nutritional Education (Bachelor Course)
Nutrition English (Bachelor Course)
Seminar on Environmental Preventive Health (Graduate School)
Experiment on Environmental Preventive Health (Graduate School)
Environmental Nutrition Health (Graduate School)
Introduction of Clinical Nutrition (Graduate School)
Food hygiene (Bachelor Course)
Food Hygiene Exercise (Bachelor Course)

(Lectures are listed by lecturer for subjects registered in our student affair database system.)

Research Supervisory ( last 5 years )

1 students (master), 2 students (doctor)

(Number of students is based on supervisory teacher of students registered in our student affair database system. In the case that teacher is not chief supervisor, these number may not include the students even if they were actually supervised.)