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Educational Activity

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Field of Study

Chronic Illness Nursing
Symptom Managemen

Her Lecture (2020)

Introduction to interdisciplinary team care (Bachelor Course)
Exercise in Health Assessment (Bachelor Course)
Clinical Practice in Nursing Home Care (Bachelor Course)
Fundamental Nursing (Bachelor Course)
Clinical Practice in Fundamental Nursing 1 (Bachelor Course)
Clinical Practice in Fundamental Nursing 2 (Bachelor Course)
Introduction to Maternity and Child Relationship (Bachelor Course)
Maternity Nursing Care (Bachelor Course)
Introduction to Maternity Nursing (Bachelor Course)
Introduction to nursing (Bachelor Course)
Nursing Skills 1 (Bachelor Course)
Nursing Skills 4 (Bachelor Course)
Nursing research 2 (Bachelor Course)
Comprehensive Clinical Practices (Bachelor Course)
Early Exposure to Clinical Practice (Bachelor Course)

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