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Lecture (2022)

CBT/OSCE (Bachelor Course)
SIH(Strike while the Iron is Hot) Training (Common Curriculum)
Academic Presentation (Graduate School)
オリエンテーション(1年) (Bachelor Course)
オリエンテーション(2年) (Bachelor Course)
オリエンテーション(3年) (Bachelor Course)
オリエンテーション(4年) (Bachelor Course)
オリエンテーション(5年生) (Bachelor Course)
オリエンテーション(6年生) (Bachelor Course)
Genomic Drug Discovery (Graduate School)
Introduction to interdisciplinary team care (Bachelor Course)
Human Science (Basic human science from structure to function) (Graduate School)
Human Nutrition (Graduate School)
Health food and herbal medicine (Graduate School)
内分泌・代謝コース (Bachelor Course)
Medical English (Bachelor Course)
Medical education (Graduate School)
Medical Education Seminar (Graduate School)
Medical Nutrition (Graduate School)
Medical Nutrition (Graduate School)
Introduction to Intellectual Property in the Medical Field (Graduate School)
International Nutrition (Graduate School)
Global Topics of Interdisciplinary Health Care (Graduate School)
Space Nutrition/Medicine (Graduate School)
循環器コース(3年) (Bachelor Course)
Microbiology & Immunology Experiment (Graduate School)
Psychosomatic health and environmental stress (Graduate School)
Off-Campus Clinical Clerkship I (Bachelor Course)
Off-Campus Clinical Clerkship II (Bachelor Course)
Introduction to Biological Ethics (Graduate School)
Basic methods in life sciences (Graduate School)
Communication Know-How course (Graduate School)
Introduction to social medicine, epidemiology and biostatistics (Graduate School)
Social and Environmental Medicine - Practice of Experiment and Clinical Research (Graduate School)
PBL-tutorial hybrid course (Bachelor Course)
Introduction to clinical medicine (Bachelor Course)
General Medicine (Graduate School)
Introduction to Clinical Medicine (Graduate School)
Introduction to clinical practice (Bachelor Course)
Introduction to clinical practice (Bachelor Course)
Introduction to clinical practice (Bachelor Course)
Introduction to clinical practice (Bachelor Course)
Introduction to clinical practice (Bachelor Course)
Advanced OSCE (Bachelor Course)
clinical psychology (Graduate School)
Introduction of Clinical Nutrition (Graduate School)
Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology (Graduate School)
Introduction to How to Write Up Scientific Manuscript in English (Graduate School)
血液コース (Bachelor Course)
Elective Clinical Clerkship I (Bachelor Course)
Elective Clinical Clerkship II (Bachelor Course)
Elective Clinical Clerkship III (Bachelor Course)
重点セミナー(卒業試験解説講義) (Bachelor Course)

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