Tokushima UniversityGraduate School of Biomedical Sciences医学域Medical ScienceSurgeryDepartment of Thoracic, Endocrine Surgery and Oncology
Tokushima UniversityUniversity HospitalClinical DivisionDepartment of SurgeryThoracic Surgery
Tokushima UniversityFaculty of MedicineSchool of MedicineCourse of Bioregulation and Medical OncologyOncological and Regenerative Surgery
Tokushima UniversityResearch ClustersResearch Clusters (Registered)2004004 クロム酸塩のepigeneticな異常と発癌の関連性の研究 ―クロム酸塩に暴露した労働者の肺癌材料を利用した網羅的なDNAメチル化解析―
Tokushima UniversityResearch ClustersResearch Clusters (Registered)2004014 高齢者機能評価を用いたがん患者のリスクアセスメントを基盤とした治療方針の決定の検討
Tokushima UniversityGraduate School of Medical SciencesMedical ScienceCourse of Bioregulation and Medical Oncology
Tokushima UniversityGraduate School of Biomedical Sciences医学域Endwed Collaborative ResearchContributionDepartment of Community Medicine for Pulmonary and General Surgery
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